Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Question Just Answered

Yesterday, I have an appointment with the doctor in relation to blood tests the other day. Blood test results are found, apparently I have thyroid disease. No wonder, since lately I do not really feel comfortable, sweat and hair too often fall. Sometimes the feeling is always hot even under air conditioner.

If before this I only just heard, my friends suffering from this disease, but now my own experience. No wonder my body is now too skinny, apparently due to this disease, in which the metabolism is too high. So starting on Monday, I started taking thyroid medication is one tablet for a day. God willing, on 24 November 2010 once again will make blood tests and a month later the new appointment with the doctor again.

Therefore, dear friends, keep your diet. For the information of this disease is caused by over-iodine in the body, so less sea foods. Besides other factors, is a descendant. But in my situation right now, is not clear whether the mother or father have the disease or not.


ila-ali said...

do take care of yr health sis. Get well soon ok!

Hasney said...

thanks dear...hopefully...