Monday, August 2, 2010

Course in ILPPPL.

Luckily, I'm back right now. Fuhh after the whole last week had Eng. Course in ILPPPL. Ha..ha..I feel afraid to telling here. Anyway, the tutor is Pn. Syarifah Nadiya Abu Bakar from Infobase Creation Sdn.Bhd. She's quite soft spoken and very friendly.  One more thing abaout her, she's so pretty like Iranian woman. Actually, her family came from somewhere in Acheh. Even thought,for the first day, everyone  feeling shame and afraid to talk each other but after two days everything had changed and everyone need to speak in English for the four days.

My group named is WAKAWAKA  and the CRY WAR are..Laporpoooo...Watakunsii...Hi3..sounds funny. Ok, I'll put here some photos to pictures the Eng. Course. 

This is my group. Actually, this photo was taken by Mr. Huzaini after end of the course. It's photo session. From behind and left:  Mr. Zizam,(act. his frm another group)  Hakam Adli (from East Region), Amy Norazrol (IPL), Mr. Nazri and Mr. Nazri both from South Region.
In front left:  Hasni, Puan Nadiya and Pn. Arfah.

Puan Nadiya and me


 Why Amy looks bored?Mr. Hakam feels funny, Mr. Nazari and Mr. Nazri feeling nothing maybe thinking something else...Hu3

 Puan Arfah also in my group

 The Bachelor's...hi3...Left, Amy NorAzrol with Mohd. Hakam Adli Mohd. Shamsuddin or bajet Clark Kent...hi3...don't angry Mr. Hakam..yea...This guys both are in my group.

 This one, much more clear rather than mine, I took from  Kak Arfah FB...thanks kak Arfah.
Does anyone eager to know ask me...ask to them..hi3....

Why Mr, Nazri you look so serius..hi3...but Mr. Nazari his a cool man.

Puan Salamah, taking her certificate 

Amy taking his cert.

Hakam's turn taking his cert.

It's me while taking the cert.

Puan Derwina Azla, I really love her name. She's also got as good presenter during public speaking.

Mr. Mohd. Noor being chosen as a  good presenter by Pn. Nadiya for his cooperated.

Love this photo.  I took from Kak Arfah FB.

Anyway, I really enjoyed and got many friendly friends during the course, but the knowledge are very useful.  

Thanks and see u again.

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