Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saudi- June 2008

Alhamdulillah, dated on 10 June 2008 we're arrived safely at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, my husband are waiting for us, then we're going to Madinah by bus. Around 4.00 a.m we had arrived at Al-Fayroz Hotel, Madinah, about 5-7 hours travelled. I'm so tied either my children also. At Madinah, we stayed about 4 days. There are, many places have been visited by us. A lot of them are Islamics historical places and also 'Kurma' farm. Here I can feels ate fresh 'Kurma'. Day 4, we're going to Mecca it takes 6-7 hours by bus. Here, we stayed about 6 days. Everyday I can pray at Masjidil Haram and also can drink 'Zam-Zam water as much as we want. Feel so great. Then by 21 June, we're departed from Jeddah, and my lil son, Hakim keep crying because, he didn't seeing his 'ayah' anymore. We have had to take one's leave to my hubby coz he got to work for another one year at Jeddah.

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