Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hiburkan Hati Dengan.....

About two weeks ago I had spent my time  actually not free time but sambil melipat kain  and watch the movie Leap Year. This movie is in romantic comedy genre.  Sempat menonton pun disebabkan  it was downloaded by my husband. If not, takder maknanya...hi3.

Let us look at the pictures below that will give an overview of the film.

Leap year movie image


Leap year movie image

Leap year movie image
Anna and Jeremy

Leap year movie image
Anna  get sulk with Declan and want to stay away from him

Leap year movie image
Anna stepping carefully because a cow shits is around's so funny

while waiting for their train

Leap year movie image
where?...Can't remembered

Both of them have to share the bed after missed the train

Leap year movie image
During a dinner then they were forced to kissing by Landlord.

Of course Happy Ending

The synopsis:

Anna (Amy Adams) plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) on February 29, leap day, because according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it.  While mid-flight to Dublin, there is a storm and the plane diverts to Cardiff, Wales. Anna hires a boat to take her to Cork, but the severity of the storm forces her to be put ashore on the Dingle Peninsula. She enlists the help of a surly Irish innkeeper, Declan (Matthew Goode), to taxi her across the country to Dublin to pull off the proposal in time, and begins to question her intentions with Jeremy when she makes a connection with Declan.

At first, Declan refuses to drive Anna to Dublin, but after his inn is threatened with foreclosure the next morning, he agrees to drive for €500. The two set out in Declan's rickety car, but they quickly run into a herd of cows. Anna shoos them away but steps in cow dung, causing her to lean against the car, which wheels back into a lake. Angry at Declan, Anna walks away from him; she stops a car for a lift and after offering to take her bag they drive away with her luggage to the delight of Declan. 

The two eventually reach a bar where they discover the men going through Anna's luggage. Declan punches them and they are both kicked out by the landlord. They eventually reach a train station by foot. While passing time waiting for the train at a nearby castle, Declan asks Anna what she would save if her apartment caught fire, and she is unable to answer. The train arrives early, and Anna misses it. The two go to a bed and breakfast, where they are forced to say that they are married so they are allowed to stay by their conservative hosts. During dinner, Anna and Declan are forced to kiss, which causes some confusion for them. That night, they hesitantly sleep in the same bed. The next day, they take shelter from a hail storm in a church where a wedding is taking place.

The next day they arrive, by bus, in Dublin. On the way to the hotel, they stop by a park and Declan reveals that he was once engaged, but that his ex-fiancée ran off with his best friend, and his family ring, to Dublin; Anna encourages him to get his ring back. When Anna reaches Jeremy's hotel, he proposes to her, and she accepts with hesitation as Declan walks away. At their engagement party, Anna finds out that Jeremy only proposed to her in an effort to impress the manager of the expensive condominium the two were attempting to buy. Dismayed, Anna pulls the fire alarm and watches as Jeremy grabs all the electronics before fleeing. Anna goes back to the Dingle Peninsula, where Declan is successfully running his inn. She proposes that they get together to "not make plans", and Declan leaves the room. Anna interprets this as a rejection, so she goes outside and stands at a cliff over the sea. Declan follows her out and asks, "Mrs. O'Brady Callaghan, where the hell are you going?" and proposes to her with the ring he retrieved from his ex-fiancée while in Dublin. Some time later, the two are shown driving in Declan's car with a 'Just married' sign in the back window.

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